5 Instagram Fitness Gurus you should follow

Are you aware of some workout secrets? If yes then you must have knowledge about the importance of fitness professionals in exercise programs. Along with tips, trainers also provide thoughts for motivating their students or physicians. It is because of instructors that people maintain wonderful fitness in very less time.

If you are performing exercises for very long time but not getting decent results, then you must be making some mistakes. You might not be serious towards the exercise program. Or you might not be regular in exercise activities. Well, people give up some exercise programs because of no improvement in health and fitness. These are probably the beginners in exercises. Along with strategies, these people need some sort of motivation from the professionals. Do you have a professional? If no, you should follow the tips from these five popular Instagram fitness gurus for availing great health benefits:

  1. Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn

This person has a very fantastic body shape. Bradley’s amazing muscles and six abs attract the vast amount of audience. There would be hardly any person who does not get impressed by the personality of this guy. This person offers massive online programs explaining strategies and techniques for maintaining body weight and fitness. If you want to see the results, then go through the Instagram of Bradley. You would found huge pictures of clients of this individual. All the pictures explain about the qualities of this fitness guru.

  1. Lita Lewis

Lita Lewis

This sexy woman has great strength and power. Various high impact push ups and squats provide the great sense of motivation to beginners. Besides motivation, this fitness guru’s advertisements offer plenty of wittiness and humour. Looking for a girl, this is a very strong woman. By following her tips, one can become the master on all high-intensity workouts. You can enjoy tips from this fitness guru by typing @followthelita.

3. ScottJurek


This fitness guru especially focuses on the diet of the individuals. By following Scott, one can know about several healthy and nutritional foods. In his Instagram, you would see various pictures of running and jumping. Some posts also provide pictures of healthy and fresh meals. Along with food, Scott also writes various tips and strategies for eating food. After seeing photos on Instagram, one would surely assume as the fitness guru.

  1. Rose Neveux

Rose Neveux

Do you know that Rose also weighed 350 pounds? After relentless and consistent efforts, she managed to lose all the extra fat. Now, she is a slim and beautiful woman. She spends her time in instructing other people about maintaining health and fitness. Every day, she shares fantastic thoughts in the Instagram. All the thoughts provide the great sense of inspiration and motivation. I found one article in which a person said that he lost the great amount of weight by following tips and tactics suggested by Rose. Definitely, she is a wonderful fitness guru.

  1. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson

If you don’t know about this fitness guru, I want to tell you that Tracy is a famous trainer of celebrities and actors. Most of the athletes spend several hours in classes of this fitness instructor. People who don’t manage to attend costly classes enjoy fitness tips on Tracy’s Instagram profile. By following this woman,

  • One can lose large amount of weight in very less time
  • One can strengthen his/her core and tone his/her legs
  • One can acquire fantastic body shape.


If you want to strengthen muscles and burn adequate calories, you need to follow one particular fitness guru. Bradley Martyn posts various pictures of people before and after the workouts. Lita Lewis, a woman with massive strength, is a superb fitness guru. ScottJurek shares various foods and fitness tips on his Instagram. Rose Neveux focuses all her time on motivating other people for maintaining fitness. Tracy Anderson is a well-known trainer and instructor of celebrities and athletes.

Why Should You Replace Your Treadmill With A Trampoline?

Do you have a habit of performing workouts? Which exercise tools do you use? Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Treadmill? Well, it is a great choice to use a trampoline in place of the treadmill. Trampolines are tools that allow jumping, rebounding and offer a fabulous cardiovascular workout. Unlike the treadmill, you need to put very less impact for performing activities on the trampoline. With this low-impact workouts, you can burn calories, improve your lymphatic system and maintain your health. Additionally, trampolines offer very much fun and excitement. Here are some essential reasons why you should replace your treadmill with a trampoline:

1. Yoga

Everyone would be aware of traditional yoga poses. But, only few would be aware of yoga on the trampoline. Yoga on the trampoline is commonly called trampoline yoga. It is mostly practiced in New York and U.S.A. Poses such as the Boat pose is performed on the trampoline. These exercises help in making a wonderful body shape (V-shape). You can tone your several body muscles by performing yoga on the trampoline. These poses cannot be performed with the help of a trampoline.

2. SkyRobics


Have you heard about skyrobics? It is an activity in which individuals are thrown like the square. They achieve a great type of workout from huge trampolines. These workouts help in burning around 1,000 calories. In just one hour, you can burn calories that seem impossible when using the treadmill.

3. Home Use

Certainly, trampolines can easily be used in homes. Mini trampolines produced by companies such as Jumpsport and Bellicon are among the best options for home use. These trampolines can easily be placed in drawing rooms and in other smaller rooms. You can easily move these trampolines in different areas. So, when you like, you can perform workouts and avail health benefits.

4. Glandular System

Rebounding exercise on the trampoline is great for regulating the lymphatic system and boosting immunity. You can improve your blood circulation and maintain your blood pressure by performing rebounding on the trampoline. You can also stimulate your glandular system and avail higher energy with the help of trampolines.

5. Dance Moves

You can avail extra fun and enjoyment by performing dances on trampolines. JumpLife classes offer classes that teach dance moves on trampolines. These dances are pretty much different from regular dances. These dance moves require some weights or exercise tools. These weights offer a wonderful cardiovascular workout. So, you can sculpt your various body muscles by performing these dance moves. Moreover, Jumplife also offers pilates and yoga workouts after trampoline workouts.

6. Different Workouts

Rebounding and Jumping are not the only workouts that can be performed on trampolines. But, you can also perform other aerobic and anaerobic exercises on trampolines. A studio called Bari Studio train individuals to perform exercises on different types of trampolines. Individuals are trained with a series of jumping combinations. These workouts help in developing stamina and endurance level. You can browse the internet and learn about tactics offered by Bari Studio, which is located in New York and California.

Wrapping Up

There are many reasons why you should replace your treadmill with a trampoline. You can perform a special type of yoga on the trampoline and make the fantastic body shape. You can also perform skyrobics on trampolines and burn more than 1,000 calories. Mini trampolines can be easily placed in different areas of the home and can be used at different times. Trampolines are great for enhancing the immune system and glandular system. Moreover, trampolines also offer several types of workouts and dance moves that help in enhancing endurance and stamina. So, hurry up and purchase a new workout tool called trampoline.

Three Ways to Use an Exercise Bike

One of the valuable things available in the gym for carrying regular cardiovascular workouts is an exercise bike. It is a good option for any person who usually skip workouts when the weather is bad and who have various joint problems to use the exercise bike for getting best results. There are so many benefits that can be acquired by simply riding an exercise bike. One can tone various muscles, build stamina, lose weight and maintain sound health by using the bike in a correct way. Thus, it is important to use a particular type in a particular way for acquiring best results.

Exercise Bike

1. Choosing an Exercise Bike

Before using an exercise bike it is important to choose a right bike that should provide maximum benefits. You should select a bike by keeping following three things in mind:-

Types of bike – There are commonly two types of exercise bikes available for working out regularly and getting wonderful results. These are upright bikes that resemble the common bicycle and recumbent bikes that offer relaxed positions for exercising. You should try both types of bike and then buy according to your preference

Available space in your home – You should first measure the space that is available for your home where you can place an exercise bike and then work out regularly. You can look for an electronic bike for an electronic bike if you have a lot of available space in the home. And if you don’t have large available space you should go for manual bikes for backup workouts.

The budget – As there are so many bikes available in the markets that have different costs. You can find electronic bikes with many types of functions with high costs. But if you have don’t have the very high budget you can select a less costly manual bike that will also help in various workouts.

2. Fixing the Exercise Bike

After having bought an exercise bike, you should also know that how to adjust an exercise bike before using it. Below are the steps for adjusting the bike:-

Adjust the seat – You should adjust the seat of an exercise bike at a particular level that you can pedal easily without bending too much. The knees should bend slightly, and foot should not require any flexing with the toes during the pedalling.

Adjust the handlebars – You should adjust handlebars in such a way that you can easily grip them without any forward movements. There should be very slight bending of the knees while making an effective grip on the handlebars.

Set the foot straps properly – You should snug the foot straps at a suitable level that can effectively pull and push the pedals during the forward and the backward positions. You should not tighten them so much that you can result in various injuries.

3. Using the Exercise Bike

  • After making certain adjustments to the bike, it is important to know how to use it for acquiring fantastic results. The various tips while exercising on the bike are:-
  • Adjust the resistance of an exercise bike at a suitable level at which you can work out in an efficient way to burn adequate calories.
  • Wear shorts or use a gel pad on the seat that can make you comfortable while exercising.
  • Pedal slowly throughout the workout without any involvement of the ankles.
  • Start your exercise with slow speed and low resistance then increase them at a certain pace both and then end your exercise again with slow speed and low resistance.
  • Try other activities such as watch T.V or listen to music so that you don’t get bored while exercising.
  • If you have an electronic exercise bike, make use of other available programs such as calories count, resistance levels from the performance monitor.


In summary, an exercise bike is a very beneficial device for any gymnastic or fitness instructor. One can work out very efficiently on the exercise bike and maintain his/her body. Before using an exercise bike, you should buy a specific bike that suits your size, weight and budget. You should adjust the various settings of the bike properly. Then use it by following various tips and precautions so as to get maximum benefits.