Build Real Muscle at Home

Building muscle is an essential element of your workout session. And being able to achieve that is the most significant milestone one can achieve. Having a fit, muscular body makes you feel better and confident about you. And if you are looking forward to having those incredible muscles to show off your arms, then don’t limit yourself to just going to gyms to achieve a strong muscular body. The finest workout routines capitalize on your growth in the least amount of time. Muscle building exercises don’t come easy or without any sweat or pain. And if you want to build real muscle at home then get ready for some hard work. Off course, it is not something that you cannot achieve by exercising at home, but you should know how to go about it in a correct manner. Also, if you are eating right and training hard then there is no one who can stop you to gain noticeable muscle mass while working out at home. So, for all those who think real muscles can only be built with the gym workout, then you are sadly mistaken. You just need some discipline and tips that we will discuss further in this article.


Basic concept of muscle building

To build real muscle at home, you just need to follow some core principles in union with each other, and this will lead to the growth of significant muscle. The vital part is first to understand the basic bodily process of muscle growth. Usually, people believe that you can only get bigger muscles by working out in the gym. On the contrary, the truth is that the muscle growth in your body occurs in response to the muscle damage you cause during a workout session. So, it is important to create the apt environment for your body to grow effectively new tissue.

  • Exercise

step aerobics with dumbbells

To start with, building a new muscle is all about damaging the fibers and heavy resistance training is the ideal way to achieve this. At the same time, you must be wary of your body’s ability to adapt to strenuous workout because if you fail to vary the stimulus your muscles won’t get troubled by the workout, and this will lead to unsuccessful results. Another myth that people have believed is that the more you work, the more muscle you build. The reality is that our real muscle growth happens while we are resting at home. You must not overwork the tire muscles.

  • Nutrition


Nutrition also goes hand in hand with your workout session, to attain real muscle at home. The food choices you make are crucial to your success in gaining muscle. For this, you must make sure that you have a calorie surplus diet because if you consume just the required calorie amount then you won’t be able to have standby resources to generate new muscle. Protein intake is also imperative, and you need to keep it high by eating good quality sources like meat, nuts, etc. The suggested protein consumption is 0.7g per pound of weight to maintain your protein production positive.

Body Weight Exercises


  • Push Ups

Push-Ups is the most efficient exercise for developing the chest muscles. It also helps to increase your arm muscles. Its principle is very simple – It uses the arm and the core muscles to elevate you off the ground and bring your back to the initial position. This exercise utilizes the complete body as the weight. You can work on the arm muscles and triceps by positioning your hands closer and can also work on the chest by placing your hands wide apart.

  • Pull Ups

Pull-Ups is the most fundamental training exercise that helps in maximizing muscle gain for neck, arms, and back. It does not need any equipment or gym, but you must perform pull-ups at least twice a week for better results. You can have an inexpensive addition of a small bar installed in your garage or a horizontal pole in or around your house. You can get the best out of this exercise is when you do it for the maximum amount of repetitions, until the time you start getting muscle fatigue, and you are not able to lift yourself again.

  • Squats


If you wish to have a proportional muscular body, then Squatting is the best exercise to do. One fact you must know that getting a real muscle gain is not possible without squatting. It works on your back and legs and also helps to work the core. It guarantees that your lower back increases strength and works brilliantly for shaping up your thighs. You must proceed by starting with free hand squats and then one-legged. Again, you must perform repetitive sets of this exercise and complete the maximum number of reps until your body gives up.

  • Crunches

Crunches are a kind of exercise which requires stamina and patience. We usually witness the fitness enthusiasts doing crunches, but only some have the patience to continue with it and get the best of it. They are considered to construct the muscular mass in and around the waist. Flattening the stomach and defining the abs is achieved by crunching, combined with some cardio like running, jogging.

  • Exercises with Dumbbells


Building real muscles at home can be easily achieved by following the above practices, in addition to performing some simple exercises with dumbbells. You do not require any gym for that. These amazing tools can help you achieve your daily workout bit and works out nearly every part of your body.Learn more about adjustable dumbells workout.


If you want to build some real muscle at home then adhering to the above tips will surely benefit you. Workout routines for muscle building require hard work, dedication, and discipline. The above-described ones are the best workout routines that will drive you to your limits and beyond. This will guarantee a real muscle growth. Some people spend years to build real muscle but fail due to lack of knowledge or patience. So just be determined and make sure you get the best from your workout.

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