Three Ways to Use an Exercise Bike

One of the valuable things available in the gym for carrying regular cardiovascular workouts is an exercise bike. It is a good option for any person who usually skip workouts when the weather is bad and who have various joint problems to use the exercise bike for getting best results. There are so many benefits that can be acquired by simply riding an exercise bike. One can tone various muscles, build stamina, lose weight and maintain sound health by using the bike in a correct way. Thus, it is important to use a particular type in a particular way for acquiring best results.

Exercise Bike

1. Choosing an Exercise Bike

Before using an exercise bike it is important to choose a right bike that should provide maximum benefits. You should select a bike by keeping following three things in mind:-

Types of bike – There are commonly two types of exercise bikes available for working out regularly and getting wonderful results. These are upright bikes that resemble the common bicycle and recumbent bikes that offer relaxed positions for exercising. You should try both types of bike and then buy according to your preference

Available space in your home – You should first measure the space that is available for your home where you can place an exercise bike and then work out regularly. You can look for an electronic bike for an electronic bike if you have a lot of available space in the home. And if you don’t have large available space you should go for manual bikes for backup workouts.

The budget – As there are so many bikes available in the markets that have different costs. You can find electronic bikes with many types of functions with high costs. But if you have don’t have the very high budget you can select a less costly manual bike that will also help in various workouts.

2. Fixing the Exercise Bike

After having bought an exercise bike, you should also know that how to adjust an exercise bike before using it. Below are the steps for adjusting the bike:-

Adjust the seat – You should adjust the seat of an exercise bike at a particular level that you can pedal easily without bending too much. The knees should bend slightly, and foot should not require any flexing with the toes during the pedalling.

Adjust the handlebars – You should adjust handlebars in such a way that you can easily grip them without any forward movements. There should be very slight bending of the knees while making an effective grip on the handlebars.

Set the foot straps properly – You should snug the foot straps at a suitable level that can effectively pull and push the pedals during the forward and the backward positions. You should not tighten them so much that you can result in various injuries.

3. Using the Exercise Bike

  • After making certain adjustments to the bike, it is important to know how to use it for acquiring fantastic results. The various tips while exercising on the bike are:-
  • Adjust the resistance of an exercise bike at a suitable level at which you can work out in an efficient way to burn adequate calories.
  • Wear shorts or use a gel pad on the seat that can make you comfortable while exercising.
  • Pedal slowly throughout the workout without any involvement of the ankles.
  • Start your exercise with slow speed and low resistance then increase them at a certain pace both and then end your exercise again with slow speed and low resistance.
  • Try other activities such as watch T.V or listen to music so that you don’t get bored while exercising.
  • If you have an electronic exercise bike, make use of other available programs such as calories count, resistance levels from the performance monitor.


In summary, an exercise bike is a very beneficial device for any gymnastic or fitness instructor. One can work out very efficiently on the exercise bike and maintain his/her body. Before using an exercise bike, you should buy a specific bike that suits your size, weight and budget. You should adjust the various settings of the bike properly. Then use it by following various tips and precautions so as to get maximum benefits.

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