What is This Blog


This blog is geared towards all things fitness. From Crossfit, gymnastics training, parkour, weight lifting, running, cycling, rowing, power lifting and even Motorcross! You will find all that you need to develop a strong, flexible and fit physique. I created this website with the intent of creating a free resource for people to learn to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

Since my childhood there were two things I loved and continue to love to this day. One is bikes and motocross and the other is strength training and fitness. I got my love for Motorcross from my father who built a dirt track out in our backyard and bought me a tiny bike when I was only 6 years old. I learned to ride and loved every bit of the experience even when I found myself on the dirt which was pretty often (hahah).  As I grew older I began to get pretty good and even competed at a high level in Mx nationals.

I graduated college with a degree in Exercise Physiology without a second thought. I just chose to do what I was good at and it’s really been paying off. My degree really helped me understand the mechanics of body movement and physiology at a fundamental level which completely enhanced my approach to fitness and health. I began experimenting with different training protocols and eventually struck gold with my own unique approach to health and fitness.

Through this blog I will share all I have learnt and guide you to inculcate better habits towards developing a strong mind and a stronger body. You will find exercise tips and guides, workout ideas and plans, nutritional advice and facts as well as the latest product reviews to help you spend your time, effort and money wisely towards achieving your fitness goals.

Aim high and stay on track,